Race Registration 

Can I register on the day of the race?
No, there is no Race Day registration.

How can I check to ensure that I am registered?
You will receive an email confirmation within minutes of completing your online registration transaction.

Can I switch my registration from one race to another?
You may change your race until bib-pickup, the evening before the race.

What happens if I register and then am unable to participate?
Duff’s Skagway Marathon has a No Refund Policy. All entries are considered final upon payment. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Packet Pickup

Can I pick up my packet on Race Day?
There is no packet pickup on Race Day. Packet pickup will be held at the AB Hall. Packets will NOT be mailed.

What do I need to bring with me to pick up my packet?
Each participant will receive a final confirmation sent via email during race week. Bring a photo ID and your bib number to the AB Hall to pick up your packet. If for any reason you do not receive or misplace your final confirmation, please email us at skagway.marathon@gmail.com

Can a friend pick up my packet for me?
Yes. But you will need to create or join a packet pickup group



Course Support

Is there a time limit?
Runners in the Full Marathon will have 6 hours of course support. Runners in the Half Marathon will have 5 Hours of Course Support. All runners will need to finish by 2:00PM or they will receive a DNF – Did Not Finish.

Where are the Water Stops and Medical Stations?
Official marathon water stops, manned by sponsors and volunteers, are located along the route. In addition to entertainment and enthusiastic cheering, each water stop provides water to participants. Some water stops also provide sport drinks, oranges, pretzels and other snacks. There is one medical station located at Mile 6.6. There are 3 mobile water stations along the route. All medical stations and official water stops are marked on the course map.

Are private/personal road support vehicles allowed on the course?
Because our course is open to other traffic we highly discourage runners from having personal support
vehicles on the route in order to minimize congestion and keep runners as safe as possible.

Are there items prohibited on the course?
Here is a partial list of what is NOT allowed on the timed course: runners going backward; runners not wearing a bib; animals of any kind; bicycles; baby joggers; strollers; roller skates and roller-blades.


What happens if it rains?
The race will go on regardless of precipitation. The race will only be delayed or cancelled if weather conditions present imminent danger to participants.

Can my Duff’s Skagway Marathon time qualify me for the Boston Marathon?
Yes! The Boston Marathon accepts qualifying times from the Duff’s Skagway Marathon.

Where do I get my medal after the race?
All finishers in all races will receive a medal after crossing the Finish Line.

Is the Marathon on social media?
Yes! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, and Instagram. Post photos, thoughts, and motivational comments for your fellow runners to see and use the hashtags, #duffsskagwaymarathon and #RunAlaska

Is there swag?
Runners in all races receive a participant T-shirt and a beautiful, hand-cast bronze finisher’s medal.

Do you have a GPS File of the Course?
According to US Track & Field...
“GPS devices work by receiving signals from satellites. The quality of different GPS units can vary, but all of them can be affected by conditions such as buildings in urban environments or heavy overhead tree cover that interfere with reception of the satellite signals and can cause them to be inaccurate.”
Given the remote location of a portion of our route we haven’t found a reliable device, but we will continue to research this option.